Google My Business Rankings

Google My Business is your new storefront

Google My Business isn’t just for listing your dealership’s hours of operation and contact information – it’s a place to showcase photos of your inventory, location, and staff, a platform to post your most recent sales and incentives, and a direct line of contact from the customer to you. We also create, monitor and respond to Questions & Answers for your dealership.

Creating relevant content and keeping your listing accurate build builds trust in your dealership with potential customers.

Dealerships can generate business online in a variety of ways. Optimizing for local SEO, offers more opportunities to reach people searching for car dealers in your area. Targeted social media ads generate brand awareness, while retargeting people who have visited your website in the past can prevent leads from going cold.

We help you dominate local search

Google My Business and local citations work together hand-in-hand. When a new customer is looking for your location, searching for your phone number, or hoping to schedule a test drive, don’t let them be led astray by incorrect contact information. 

Your local listings are just as important to your SEO strategy as your dealership’s content and keyword strategy. Don’t discount the importance of minor the details.


It is important to understand which keywords generate the most traffic from consumers in all stages of the buying cycle. We analyze the keywords with feedback from you in our strategy meetings. We track the performance of the keywords, constantly moving our focus further out geographically from your dealership as we grow your presence on page one of SERPs so you’ll have the best performing  SEO in your area.


Track your Local Search Rankings

Measure your SEO impact: Track rankings for your site and the competition.
The right keywords equal site traffic. But how do you know which keywords are right? Track your site’s keyword ranking performance and overall visibility on the SERP over time to know what’s working and what’s not. Better yet, track competitors’ movement on the SERP to uncover gaps in their strategies and build on yours.

Our Geogrid rank tracker brings a variety of proprietary technology to the local rank tracking and visibility space. Our geospatial data is beautifully plotted onto a map so you can visualize Google 3 pack rankings at the most granular level, gps coordinates within a configurable distance from one another.

Google has been radically changing the way it delivers results for local queries to provide the “best” experience to their users. From this, we have seen proximity as a ranking factor being weighed heavier in Google’s local algorithm. This process is not perfect by any means and there is always a margin for error when Google is determining the proximity of a search, but even with that error rate being a possibility, you will be hard pressed to find more accurate rank tracking.

These maps can be easily downloaded into PDF form, but we also introduced what we feel is one of the coolest local reporting capabilities in the industry. The Reputation Buffer system rescans your geogrids at predetermined intervals and stores the data in our system.

Each node can be clicked through to see what competitors are ranking at which GPS coordinates. You can interact with the listings from that view and even report spam listings as you stumble upon them. We enable the extraction of GPS coordinates from each node so you can optimize your listing and other assets on the most granular level possible if you find your location lacking visibility in specific parts of the city.

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